Hello my name is Arturo Urquijo, owner of Elegant Detailing LLC.

Our complete interior detailing begins with our basic three stage's of air blowing, vacuuming, and carpet shampooing.  Next we move on to an enhanced degreaser that removes tough stains and light scuff marks on the vinyl and as result we recondition the vinyl leaving you with a spotless finish.  The same step applies to leather. We cautiously use a special cleaner and reconditioner to make the seats look like new. We also offer odor removal and pet hair removal as well. 


For our exterior services we provide you with  wet sanding deep scratches using an aggressive cut compound, medium cut compound… then moving on to the medium polishing and glazing, and then adding to the finish a sealant and a premium grade wax.  Our engine steam washing consists of using a heavy degreaser and getting all the dirt, grime and oil that often leaks. The  result leaves you with a cool clean motor that helps prolong your motors life.  In conclusion to the detail service we work on the wheels. We use a special wheel cleaner and for the special wheel cleaning cycle we also use a mini polisher to polish and wax the wheels to make the wheels shine that much more. Our service is great for car enthusiasts, soccer moms, real estate agents, transporting companies, in short, our service is great for everyone with an automobile. We also specialize in boats RVs and motorcycles.

You can depend on us for all of your car detailing needs. Our trained professionals are ready to develop a plan of action that is best suited to your unique situation.

When you are ready to increase the overall cleanliness of your vehicle and to rejuvenate its appearance call Elegant Detailing, LLC. We would love to tell you more about our services, or to arrange for your free estimate today.

 Thank you
 Arturo Urquijo
 Elegant Detailing, LLC