Odor Removal

unnamed 17Cars never seem to smell the way we want them to. First the toxins in the new plastic parts give them that patented “new car smell" depreciate. As for used cars, many have been originally driven by smokers -- and are frequently bought by non-smokers. Not to mention food can roll out of a grocery bag, disappear under the seat, and rot inside a car without anyone noticing until it’s too late. Or a convertible or a car with a sunroof can be left in the rain with the top down. 

Or an accident at the pump can result in gasoline getting sprayed where you don’t want it. And of course, there’s the body odor of us humans too -- and let’s not forget about what our dogs contribute to the car’s atmosphere when they come for a ride-along, as well.

That’s a lot that can stink up a car. Fortunately, all of these odors can be eradicated.

Air fresheners are so common in cars now, it’s like they grow on those trees that have been planted next to so many windshields. Here’s the problem, though: fresheners just mask odors without actually eliminating them -- they’re masking agents, after all. We use up to date ozone generators that help kill the the negative smell. Then we go back and treat it with an oil base sovevent to netralize the air inside the vehicle making your car smell like new again.