Overspray Removal

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The clay bar process is used to safely remove contaminants on the paint such as bugs, tar, road grime, fallout, tree sap and paint overspray that washing alone cannot remove.

The process is gentle, effective and guaranteed not to damage the clear coat on your vehicle. Your vehicle's finish will typically be in better condition than before the overspray incident.

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Facts about Over Spray

  •     Are carried by the wind from various residential, commercial and industrial construction sites.
  •     Painting contractors are not able to prevent over spray 100%.
  •     More than 1000 vehicles in the United States are affected by over spray every day.
  •     Automobiles, boats, airplanes and structures can be contaminated by over spray.
  •     Over spray is not always visible but can be detectable by a sandpaper-like feel on vehicle.
  •     Over spray can travel up to 2 miles from origination point.